"The clock is still ticking and running out of our lives. Let's get change current situation!"

Dallo & Michaela Kosiecová, solo couple presented dance-theatre show without music DON´T LOOK AT THE CLOCK at Festival Clin d´Oeil.

Show mixed american styles of 40 to 50th years. You can enjoy the this atmosphere from the period - retro. The main idea of this show is the time. But why? Have you asked such a question? The simple answer is here! They first introduced show in 2009 from Slovakia. Now returs the solo couple Dallo & Michaela Kosiecová!

date: 03. July 2011; where: Reims / France; organization: Cinesourds (France); style: dance-theatre show (dance, theatre, grotesque, musical, flirt, sign & sing, video); cast: Dallo; Michaela Kosiecová (Czech Republic); theatre choreography / song translation „Coffee & Candy in international sign language: Michaela Kosiecová; assistant / hairstyles & make-up: Peter Naďo; costume designer / decoration / videographic production / dance choreography / director by: Dallo; length: 30 minutes; photography by: Katarína Kucharicová, Peter Naďo, Dallo, Iris Domancová


Video: DON´T LOOK AT THE CLOCK - trailer

Photos: Training & Preparation

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